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Intergenerational Connections

GénérActions, along with a network of collaborators, builds more connections to bring younger and older people together. The results are proven to reduce loneliness, isolation, and despair, and improve social and physical health and well-being for healthier and more caring communities.

Intergenerational Programs & Shared Spaces


Encourage older adults and youth to be engaged and involved in programs and relationships focused on intergenerational connections.

Inspire them to recognize the potential in and the benefits of intergenerational learning, perspectives, and ties.

Initiate support, development and growth of intergenerational programs and shared spaces in communities.

Initiate discussions and take action to establish intergenerational designated shared spaces in community public facilities.


Meet regularly with organizations and individuals passionate about intergenerational relationships to strengthen support and collaboration.

Work with partners, stakeholders, and policy makers to change regulations that are barriers to implementing intergenerational programs and initiatives.

Form alliances with national and international intergenerational counterparts and practitioners to raise greater evidence-based awareness of intergenerational benefits.


Ongoing promotion through different channels about the numerous benefits of intergenerational programs.

Create intergenerational programs, social media awareness campaigns and connect with local media outlets to cover and promote intergenerational programs connections and initiatives year-round.


Whether you need support in developing intergenerational connections, would like to learn more about the benefits of intergenerational relationships or have any questions about intergenerational projects, we are happy to share our expertise with you. 

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