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Inclusion & Belonging

GénérActions promotes authentic dialogues on race and equity in a safe environment. Facilitation methods incorporate a range of group practices that allow us to move towards more meaningful connections, equitable relationships, and healthier, stronger schools, workplaces and communities.

Inclusion & Belonging Groups


Promote more meaningful self-reflection and connections focused on race. 

Encourage participants to share firsthand experiences about race, so that together we break down barriers that make these conversations difficult. 

Improve organizations capacity to achieve key elements of successful DEIB programming.

What former attendees have shared about our Inclusion & Belonging Group Discussions:

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"I really liked how the presenters made it a comfortable space to share experiences and how, considering I was one of the youngest present, they did not minimize my experiences.”
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"I enjoyed how open the discussion was and it was very easy for me to talk about my experiences.”
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“I liked listening to the content and what others had to share. I feel I need more experience in this area.”
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“This needs to be included in DEI training.”


Increase members’ self-awareness related to the racial re-traumatization that PGM participants experience daily.

Provide opportunities for People of the Global Majority (PMG) to voice their opinions and develop solutions to the racial re-traumatization they experience within a workplace or school setting.

Develop racial equity and belonging foundational skills, and practice skills necessary to engage and lead efforts in dismantling inequities within the workplace and school settings. 

Build organizational capacity to ensure that management is supported, and participants receive important learning that aligns with workplace DEIB strategies.


Our team has over 30 years of experience leading groups with culturally diverse populations of all ages.

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